Division of Sunland Pest Control, Inc.

Helping to set the standard in early detection of Live Bed Bugs
in Homes, Hotels, and Businesses across the U.S.A.

HUNTER DETECTION SERVICES (HDS) is a family owned and operated company committed to quality bed bug inspection service in compliance with all rules, regulations, and guidelines in the K-9 scent detection industry.

Bed bugs are on the way to becoming part of our daily lives and HDS is prepared. Early detection is the key! While reading this website you will understand why we believe that dogs are the best way to find live bed bug infestations.

HDS uses only dogs that are scientifically trained by J & K Canine Academy in conjunction with staff entomologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, and certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) of which we are members. We are also members of the National Pest Management Association. Our certified K-9 handlers have had intensive training with the scent detection K-9s, as well as, hands-on inspection experience, and have extensively studied bed bug biology.

We invite you to visit this website in it’s entirety to maybe learn a little more about bed bugs, scent detection K-9s, and to meet Hunter himself.

Attention: Hotel, Motel, and Property Managers

Please note that HUNTER DETECTION SERVICES is ever mindful of client-service provider confidentiality! Neither our company name nor our initials will be exhibited on any clothing, service dog or vehicle during any visit to your site. An HDS identification badge will be discretely shown to your manager in charge upon arrival for identification purposes. Providing that an inspection finds a property free of live bed bugs, a certificate documenting such will be awarded upon request for display or for your files showing that you are clearly proactive in doing all you can to prevent live bed bug infestations. Routine inspections are the proactive approach in heading off litigation and reducing fraudulent claims. Any and all information collected before, during, or after a live bed bug inspection shall be kept highly confidential and will not be divulged to outside parties including but not limited to: guests, the media, the public.

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