Referring to the BED BUG BIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR TRAITS page of this website, we know that bed bug adults are almost 1⁄4” long and paper thin enabling them to hide in literally any place that they can wedge their paper-thin bodies into. The nymph is a miniature replica of the adult but almost colorless and microscopic when first hatched. The bed bug egg is the size of a pin head. Bed bugs prefer the cover of darkness thus are hard to detect during daylight hours and can be scattered 100 feet away from their normal feeding place – the bed.

Ascertaining the presence or absence of live bed bugs requires a thorough, labor-intensive inspection and presents a challenge to even the most highly trained pest control professional taking several hours to complete. To inspect properly, furniture may need to be dismantled, carpets untacked and padding lifted, molding pulled away from the wall, the gauze fabric underlying the mattress box springs removed, secured-to-the-wall headboards removed, etc. This process, if performed by a licensed pest control technician, should take several costly hours of extensive inspection. Even then a live bed bug could be hiding in clothing, clocks, computers including laptops, telephones and cell phones, smoke detectors, televisions and other electronics. If there is a hole or tiny tear in the fabric of a mattress, sofa, chair, or in the lining of draperies, the live bed bug and/or egg may be hidden inside out of view.

Now that we have established that the biggest most labor-intensive problem is locating the live bed bugs, lets take a look at dogs. K-9’s have a sense of smell similar to a photogenic perception, hundreds of times more acute than that of humans. A scientifically trained and certified bed bug detection dog can sense the presence or lack of live bed bugs in a room within a matter of minutes. One certified K-9 bed bug detection service can put your mind at ease and certify a live bed bug free home, hotel, motel, dormitory, nursing home, business, etc. Or the K-9 can detect a live bed bug/egg source pinpointing the area needing treatment thereby possibly eliminating the need to treat the entire premises.

In a nutshell, a certified K-9 bed bug detector is more accurate than a human inspector and can inspect in a fraction of the time without disrupting the property!