Hi! My name is Hunter, and I’m a scent detection service K-9! I’m a brace beagle and was rescued from a pound in central Florida by Pepe and Bun from J & K Canine Academy.

After my adoption, I was enrolled in J & K Canine Academy, Inc. (I thank Pepe and Bun every day for giving me a new life!) in High Springs, Florida, where I received my degree in bed bug scent detection. The training was extensive, but I loved every minute of it! I can detect live bed bugs by smelling the odor they emit. I can even find their eggs.

People say I’m energetic – that’s because I love what I do! I love my handlers; therefore I work very hard for them. My goal is to find live bed bugs and/or their live eggs and show my handler where they are.

I would love to come and work wherever you need me (I love to travel!).

Yours truly,


P.S. Oh, I forgot to tell you! They named their company HUNTER DETECTION SERVICES after me because I was their first scent detection K-9!